The Credit For My Giving

Every believer is called to give and serve in such a way that God is glorified and self is not.

When local churches have a heart to PRAY, they will often have a consistent impact to GO.

Do not confuse working for and working out our salvation. It is the power of God that motivates and wills us to do His good work after we have been saved so that others may come to know Him.

The coming of Christ will impact the worship of those who experience Him personally.

The birth of Christ dramatically impacts the views of those experiencing it.

On Our Families

When God is bringing His plan to pass, He will impact families for His Glory.

On Our Communities

When God is bringing His plan to pass, He will impact our communities for His purpose.

Moving on in the face of God's great work, requires a consistent evaluation of ourselves and our methods.

A Dedication Celebration

A project completed by God's people is a project dedicated to the praise and glory to God.

Set Apart

God's people should live lives that are directed by Him and set apart from the world.

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