Adversity Evangelism

Adversity can provide an opportunity to spread the seed of the Gospel to others.

The Immutable God

Willie Raines, Founder and President of Reclaiming Ground Ministry and former member of the Power Team Ministry shares a message on God's Immutability using Malachi 3:6 with Golden Acres Baptist Church

A Life that Looks Like Jesus

A Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit will live a life that Looks Like Jesus.

God has a method and mindset for placing leaders in His Church.

At times, when chaos reigns in my life, Jesus Christ can enable me to stay faithful to Him.

The Ministry of Generosity

A local church that is filled with the Holy Spirit will display it outwardly in unity and generosity.

I believe that the world's most dangerous man is the one who pretends to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but really is not.

Do You Have Freedom in Crisis?

Living and speaking God's truth is a big part of His avenue for our supernatural freedom.

As born-again believers are involved in seeing ministry fulfilled, we must also prepare to meet opposition.

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