Sanctified Stubbornness

God's enemy will often attack and threaten God's leaders to stop God's work, but His people must stand stubbornly against it.

Leaders Who Live It

God can do great things through leaders who walk with generosity and integrity.

We Build Together Nehemiah 5:1-13

As God's people seek to build His Kingdom, we are never to create a barrier for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Build and Battle

As God builds His Kingdom, His servants are called to battle the enemy while continuing to build and serve.

Who are we

Build Your Part

Fulfilling God's great calling to His people happens when each person fulfills God's individual calling.

Obeying God, and seeing His calling through, will require us to persevere powerfully through interference by circumstances and people.

Careful Success

Moving forward successfully often requires God’s people to face fearful and careful steps.

Cry Out!

In the darkest hour, the first step to seeing God work is oftentimes learning to cry out to Him.

God will call, organize and implement His rebuilding plans for His people.

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