“God’s Word uses various approaches to teach, instruct, warn and command regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages”.

Is Suicide Sin?

“Suicide is sin against God that can be forgiven in Christ, but more importantly it can be defeated through Christ”.


“God has given Golden Acres a purpose that includes a commission to reach the unsaved”.


This church has a God ordained purpose that includes connecting people deeper with Christ and with One Another.


Every Church has a purpose and it begins with Worship.

Pretend Repentance

Sometimes an outward show of sorrow may be pretend repentance.

There are some very important things every true, spirit-filled believer will know.

We Are Overcomers

How to Have a Great Family

God gives us examples and directions on how to have a great family.

Love One Another

Love for one anthers a critical part of our testimony as believers.