The Shepherds

Who Were the Shepherds?

Jesus: Born to Die

Jesus came to earth to suffer and die in order to offer Hope in Salvation.

Joseph: A Righteous Man

A Righteous Man can be effectively used by God.

Mary: Used By God

Mary's Response to God's Plan for her life.

God's Word helps us by sharing a transformational truth for our thanksgiving to God.

We can confidently say that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is a trustworthy book of our faith.

While a sinner is hopelessly in bondage prior to conversion, God’s plan is to offer freedom from this.

Those who are truly in love with Christ will continue with Him and His Church.

During the time when Christ suffered, died and was resurrected, he also declared victory to enemies of our faith.

Forgiveness is taught in Scripture as God toward us and us toward others.