Moving on in the face of God's great work, requires a consistent evaluation of ourselves and our methods.

A Dedication Celebration

A project completed by God's people is a project dedicated to the praise and glory to God.

Set Apart

God's people should live lives that are directed by Him and set apart from the world.

God's redeemed people will evidence their redemption with outward confession and worship.

Can Revival Happen Here?

Revival can happen in the midst of God's people.

Work That Endures

As God's plans are fulfilled, it is critical that God's people plan for their continued and ongoing success

Belief Evokes Action

Sanctified Stubbornness

God's enemy will often attack and threaten God's leaders to stop God's work, but His people must stand stubbornly against it.

Leaders Who Live It

God can do great things through leaders who walk with generosity and integrity.

We Build Together Nehemiah 5:1-13

As God's people seek to build His Kingdom, we are never to create a barrier for our brothers and sisters in Christ.