Man, Woman, Marriage

From the earliest parts of creation, God has established His relationship with man and woman and their relationship to each other.

Portrait of a Personal Ministry

God's work through Peter reveals to us a portrait of personal ministry.

The Ministry of Sacrifice

The result of sacrificial service to Christ is a healthy and successful church.

A Model for Personal Witnessing

In Scripture, God's people have an effective model for personal witnessing.

A Radical Salvation

God can radically transform a person from hostility and hate to powerful discipleship

Christians Against Christ

Unrepentance and Unforgiveness can hinder people from fully experiencing the salvation they proclaim.

Adversity Evangelism

Adversity can provide an opportunity to spread the seed of the Gospel to others.

The Immutable God

Willie Raines, Founder and President of Reclaiming Ground Ministry and former member of the Power Team Ministry shares a message on God's Immutability using Malachi 3:6 with Golden Acres Baptist Church

A Life that Looks Like Jesus

A Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit will live a life that Looks Like Jesus.

God has a method and mindset for placing leaders in His Church.

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