Jesus said in 'Matthew 25' when we minister to the poor and those in need in His name, we are serving Jesus Himself. 

 God gave us a commandment to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing our faith in Him both across the street and across the planet.  We accomplish this through local and global missions and personal evangelism.  GABC offers opportunities for short-term mission trips, working in ministry with partners around the world locally and ongoing. Mission partnerships are available throughout the city, nationally, and internationally and our evangelism emphasis challenges you to share Jesus every chance you get as often as possible.  GABC's Mission Emphasis are:

Church  (Local Missions)

  • GABC Food Pantry
  • The Village Foster Care Ministry
  • "Broken" Ministry (Pregnancy Loss/Infertility Grief Ministry)
  • Seneca (Choices for Life)
  • Cadence Ministry (Military Support)
  • Russell Baptist Association

U.S. missions

  • Alabama Baptist Cooperative Program
  • Christ Church - Charlestown, MA

International Missions

  • Operation Christmas Child
  • 10/40 Project - Mike Napper (Well Ministry)
  • Come Away Missions (Africa)
  • Plain Gospel Mission (Mexico)


Missions & Ministry

Senior Pastor Dr. Johnny Ellison