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What Does Love Look Like? Sermon Blog Day 1

There are some animals in the animal kingdom who show their love for each other in very strange ways.  For instance, have you ever heard of an animal called “The Mantis” or…The Praying Mantis?  


          The female mantis has a very strange way of returning love and affection to the male mantis.  If the male feels romantic and wants to snuggle and cuddle with the female, he moves very, very slowly to get close to her.  In fact, he may move one foot per hour.  As the male mantis gets close to his little sweety, he absolutely cannot let her see him or disturb her.   If the female is disturbed or if she sees him she may eat him, usually his head first. She's not trying to be mean by biting his head off. His body will serve as a rich source of protein for her developing eggs. I guess you could say here that love hurts. The female mantis has an awfully strange way of showing her love.

          Showing love to others is a matter of knowing what it is that communicates love to them and doing that.  Some of us have a lot to learn about showing love. 

          That includes our understanding of how to show love to God. Thankfully, there is a way that you can show love to Christ in your relationship with Him. The relationship that stands above and beyond all others is your relationship with Christ.  This relationship grows, matures, and increases as you learn to love Him.  He already loves you and knows how to show it.  The only part left is for you to learn how to love Him.  The good news is that Jesus shows us how to show love for Him. We can learn love for our Savior and others by how our Savior loves his Father. Consider some expressions of this love.

          As John 5 begins, Jesus enters Jerusalem on the Sabbath and comes upon an area known as the Pool of Bethesda. This pool is thought, in those days, to have powerful healing powers. It was believed that, periodically an angel would cause the waters to ripple, and the first one in after that would be healed. A man lay on a pallet beside the pool, amidst a crowd, unable to get to the water in time when it rippled. Jesus came to the man on the pallet, healed him, and told him to take his pallet and walk. The man did, only to be confronted by religious leaders for carrying his pallet on the Sabbath. In an exchange with those men, they discovered who healed him and confronted Jesus about healing on the Sabbath. In that exchange, Jesus not only claimed to be God but explained how his relationship with God the Father worked. As he explained, Jesus shared several key thoughts that, not only expressed His relationship to the Father but communicated ideas of how His followers might love Him.  Please visit our website tomorrow for Day 2 and conclusion of this Blog.