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One Man's Pursuit Blog - Part 5 - A Step Up In Victory- Mark 5:41-43

          “Then He took the child by the hand, and said to her, Talitha, cumi, which is translated, Little girl, I say to you, arise.   Immediately the girl arose and walked, for she was twelve years of age. And they were overcome with great amazement.   But He commanded them strictly that no one should know it and said that something should be given her to eat. 

          From this point, Jairus – with his family – was able to be a sign and testimony of God’s victory and power.  Where Jairus may have been on the verge of rejection and opposition by his community,  he stayed with the idea that his daughter needed Jesus.  He could then walk in the victory he knew that he had. 

          Sir, do not bail out on following Jesus daily.   There may be times that is appears your family is not succeeding with Christ, but persevere. The victory will be worth it. 

           One man may passionately pursue Jesus for the lives of his family.   Are you that man for your family?   Are you prepared to pursue passionately the Savior?    Are you ready to give your life away in 10,000 different ways to get hold of Jesus for your family to follow? God loves you and will bless for it always.