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Introducing Acts Sermon Blog Day 2

His Church Witnesses  In Jerusalem: 2:5-8:3 

If you are not seeking ways to witness to those right around you, then you will not do it very effectively when you get away from home.  Are you waiting on a mandate or program from GABC?   

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Take some tracts and church brochures and visit 2 or 3 houses/apartments/mobile homes a week right around you that you have never visited before. 
  1. Talk to your Connect Group, small group, or Sunday school leaders about class members who have been absent.  Visit them, call them, text them, or email them on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. 
  1. Send an unsaved family member a note about what it means to be saved. 

 In Judea and Samaria: 8:4-13:3  

Beginning to take the gospel beyond your inner circle requires you to step out of a comfort zone.   This requires you to be intentional about going to more than those right there with you.   

One of my friends, who was my first worship leader in my first church, has an older brother who was an executive with Chick Fil A beginning back in the 1990s. I remember when his brother went to California to open the first Chick Fil A store in San Diego. People were lined up for days before the opening. They camped out to get in. At that point, Chick Fil A had saturated the southeast, but like any effective institution it was seeking to continue to move outward. 

In just the last few years has Chick Fil A started moving outside these borders to Canada and the UK. The international growth of Chick Fil A will continue in years ahead, but not before it saturated its home cities and home regions with its chicken sandwich.  

What are you doing to see this continue to become a reality?  

 To the Ends of the Earth: 13:4-28:31 

 Ultimately, the Gospel has been carried all over the world. That same Gospel will continue to be carried until all the nations on earth hear of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. No religion in the history of the world spread as far or as fast aross the world as the Christian Gospel message.  

 Acts is the story of the mission and witness of the early church. The current church has, as its mission and goals, the same as that early church. Read Acts. Learn from Acts. Learn what our churches today are to do.