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Introducing Acts Sermon Blog Day 1

  • Have you ever walked into a restaurant or a business and seen a single dollar bill hanging framed on the wall?   Why do restaurants and businesses normally do that?  

It is a testimony of where things began for that business. 

  • If you go to downtown Atlanta, near the Atlanta Aquarium, there is a large building called “The World of Coke.”  That building is an exhibit to the Coca Cola product and company.  Most of it is a tribute to the beginning of Coca Cola. 

It is a testimony of where things began for that company. 

                    These exhibits are a testimony to where something began. When a business, organization or family has grown and developed through the years, it can be exciting to research and discover where it all began.  Understanding where something began helps us marvel at where it is today.   

                     The only biblical account we have of the very first church is the book of Acts.  The only narrative account we have of where the church began is the book of Acts.  Acts is the story of the mission and witness of the early church. What are the elements of this first witness? 

  •       The author of the book of Acts is the Gospel writer Luke. In both cases, Luke wrote his Gospel account and the     Acts narrative to a prestigious member of the Roman government named Theophilus.  
  •       The events that take place as recorded in Acts fell somewhere in the range of  A.D. 33-60. The writing of Acts took place somewhere around A.D. 59-62. The purpose Luke had was not only to tell of the calling and work of the first church, but to also emphasize to those reading that the church was not a revolutionary group, as had been suggested by many in the Roman population. Consider these elements of the first – and the calling of this church. 

God’s Church is Commissioned: 1:4-2:4 

                    The commissioning of the Church in Acts 1 is the calling to service of those who were followers of Christ. This commissioning was a natural progression and calling for those who claimed Christ. 

Try this: Go home tonight and write out Acts 1:7-8, except write it as if Jesus is speaking to you in 1st person – because He is.   

And Jesus said to me, Johnny, it is not necessary for you to know when I am coming.  The Father has this planned out.  However, because you have received the Holy Spirit, you are to be my witness in your home, community, in the area around GABC and wherever you go and all over the world.