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How to Choose Leaders in the Local Church

Great organizations, institutions, churches, or events have been accomplished by great leaders. Leadership is critical to the success of a project or organization.  This is a true principle. 

It is no different with the church of Jesus Christ.  It seems that, when God sets out to accomplish His work, He puts His leaders in place.  God has a method and mind set for placing leaders in His church. 

In Acts 6, the church had grown dramatically in and around Jerusalem. Many of the converts were Greek and Jewish widows. The church began to be heavily involved in providing meals for these widows who most likely had few options in that day. An issue arose amid this ministry that could threaten to divide the church. The Apostles responded by organizing putting outstanding leaders in place. This story and passage offer a glimpse into effectively placing leaders in the local church. How are we to put these leaders in place? 

By Meeting a Purpose: 6:1 

Now in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplying, there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists, because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution. 

 I hope you understand that the mission of the church was laid out for us in Matthew 28:18-20.  It is called the Great Commission. It calls God’s people to worship God, disciple those who are saved, and reach those who are not. Churches express this in different terminology in their mission statements, but the mission is the same no matter what church you attend.   

If a committee, position, or group of leadership is not helping accomplish that – or they are not accomplishing that as well as it could be – then they should be re-organized or re-established.  If not, we sink into ineffectiveness. If a ministry in the local church is being accomplished ineffectively, then that ministry may need to be abolished or have new leaders in place.  

A group of appreciative tourists watched a demonstration put on by the Royal Artillery of the Queen. The six-man team worked with flawless precision. Only five of them worked with precision. One of the soldiers positioned himself about 25 yards away from the cannon and stood at attention during the entire exhibition, doing nothing. After the exhibition, one of the tourists asked the staff officer to explain the duty of the man standing off to the side. “He’s number six,” came the reply. “Yes, but what does he do?” “He stands at attention.” “Yes, I know, but why does he stand at attention?” No one knew why number six stood at attention. None of the other five knew, the man himself didn’t know, and even the commanding officer didn’t know. After many hours of research through old training manuals, it became clear what number six was to do. He was to hold the horses. 

Within the context of our church leadership, I believe we MUST ALWAYS be open and available to doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish the mission of the church.  For any local church out there, we must be available to adjusting to whatever leadership strategies best accomplish God’s mission for us.