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Does Your Church Have the Right Signature? Part 5

          DAY 1:  A signature can be a cursive, handwritten name that seals a deal or identifies an owner.  In April 2020, my bride and I closed on a house we built after moving to Smiths Station, Alabama to pastor Golden Acres Baptist Church in Phenix City.  We provided our signature many, many times in that closing. 

          A signature can also be a characteristic or identifying mark that points to an individual (often referred to as their brand).   Michael Jordan has, on his athletic clothing line, the figure of the “Jump Man.”   It is a silhouette of a dunk in his first NBA slam dunk contest.  It is the signature of Michael Jordan 

          In Major League Baseball the Green Monster is a signature of the Boston Red Sox stadium – Fenway Park. It is a huge, tall, green wall in left field.  

          A signature, for a corporation, can be an identifying logo.  Coca Cola has its flowing script and Nike has its swoosh.  These images are two of the most iconic corporate signatures in the world.   And, as these signatures are true about people, stars, and corporations, so will a true, biblical church have its own signature.  

          The church of Jesus Christ should have a signature – and identifying mark – not of programs, activities, or marketing schemes, but of the Holy Spirit.   A Holy Spirit empowered and Holy Spirit filled local church will have the signature of the Holy Spirit on it.   When a local church is filled with the Holy Spirit, there is a clear signature of His power and presence. 


          After the ascension of Christ to the Father (Acts 1), the Holy Spirit baptized the church on the day of Pentecost.  This all took place in Jerusalem, and as the believers began to preach the Gospel in the street (Acts 2), a crowd gathered to see what was happening.  

          Peter then stood, with the other 11 disciples and preached so that 3000 people were saved (Acts 2:14-42).  The church began meeting and a few of the following characteristics can be seen in their ongoing ministry according to Acts 2:42-47: 

  • Focused  Instruction: 2:42a 
  • Fellowship Communion: 42b, 46    
  • Forceful Prayer: v.42 

           The narrative continues with additional examples of the signature of the Holy Spirit on the church of Jesus Christ.  Consider these expressions of His signature on the true church.