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Can Revival Happen Here? Sermon Blog Day 3 Nehemiah

Through Design of Definite Teaching: 8:7-12

“Also Jeshua, Bani, Sherebiah, Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodijah, Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad, Hanan, Pelaiah, and the Levites, helped the people to understand the Law; and the people stood in their place. So they read distinctly from the book, in the Law of God; and they gave the sense, and helped them to understand the reading.

And Nehemiah, who was the governor, Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people, ‘This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn nor weep.’ For all the people wept, when they heard the words of the Law.

Then he said to them, ‘Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’ So the Levites quieted all the people, saying, ‘Be still, for the day is holy; do not be grieved.’ And all the people went their way to eat and drink, to send portions and rejoice greatly, because they understood the words that were declared to them.”

Who are all these people standing around Ezra up on the platform? These people were busy ensuring that God’s people gained a secure knowledge of His Word and His Will. They were interpreting the Word into appropriate languages (helped the people to understand the Law) and taught the meaning and application of the biblical text as well (“gave the sense”). This revival in Jerusalem during the Nehemiah’s time involved intentional and focused teaching of God’s Word.

Revival in the Scriptures ALWAYS involves intentionality in teaching the Scriptures. This type of revival took place also in 2Kings 23:1-3 with young King Josiah.

“Then the king called together all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem. He went up to the temple of the Lord with the people of Judah, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the priests and the prophets—all the people from the least to the greatest. He read in their hearing all the words of the Book of the Covenant, which had been found in the temple of the Lord. The king stood by the pillar and renewed the covenant in the presence of the Lord—to follow the Lord and keep his commands, statutes and decrees with all his heart and all his soul, thus confirming the words of the covenant written in this book. Then all the people pledged themselves to the covenant.”

How intentional are you to be certain that you are a part of and involved in accurate teaching of God’s Word – daily and weekly?

 In Days of Decided Trust:  8:13-18

“Now on the second day the heads of the fathers’ houses of all the people, with the priests and Levites, were gathered to Ezra the scribe, in order to understand the words of the Law.  And they found written in the Law, which the Lord had commanded by Moses, that the children of Israel should dwell in booths during the feast of the seventh month, and that they should announce and proclaim in all their cities and in Jerusalem, saying, ‘Go out to the mountain, and bring olive branches, branches of oil trees, myrtle branches, palm branches, and branches of leafy trees, to make booths, as it is written.’ Then the people went out and brought them and made themselves booths, each one on the roof of his house, or in their courtyards or the courts of the house of God, and in the open square of the Water Gate and in the open square of the Gate of Ephraim. So the whole assembly of those who had returned from the captivity made booths and sat under the booths; for since the days of Joshua the son of Nun until that day the children of Israel had not done so. And there was very great gladness. Also day by day, from the first day until the last day, he read from the Book of the Law of God. And they kept the feast seven days; and on the eighth day there was a sacred assembly, according to the prescribed manner.”

           Upon hearing the Word, one of the great avenues of response was the reestablishment of the Feast of Tabernacles/Booths.  This had been a commanded feast by God yet had been neglected. We know that the heart of the people changed because they sought to obey God’s Word. This is how we know that a heart has changed. It is by his or her desire to act on the Word of God.

When revival happens, people seriously obey God’s Word.