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Build Your Part Sermon Blog - Day 3 Nehemiah 3

Expressing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

            This wall building effort was a massive project that, under the best of circumstances, would have normally taken months – or even years – to accomplish.  Yet God’s people fulfilled this project in 52 days.  This accomplishment is beyond extraordinary.  

            Over 40 individual groups or people mentioned. There were ten gates to build. The infrastructure to haul building materials to the many locations was massive and demanding. There were forty-five wall construction sections. The wall would ultimately run about 7,000 feet...or 1 1/3 miles.  The wall had to be high enough to keep enemies out. This was an extraordinary feat done by a group of particularly ordinary people.

            When each of God’s people builds his or her part, the extraordinary takes place amongst the ordinary.

 Overcoming the Obstinance of Apathy: 3:5,27

            In Nehemiah 3:5 some nobles were mentioned who were noble in name only. The Tekoites had some Nobles who were not so noble. This is the one point of disobedience and apathy that we see in all of the wall building.  Yet, there were a lot of Tekoites building their wall.  Because of that, 3:27 says that the wall builders finished their part so quickly that they moved to another section to help. The Tekoites each building their part more than made up for the disobedient nobles. 

            No matter how unified and strong we are in serving, there will always be those – who claim to be God’s people – but who sit by in apathy and disobedience to His call.  God has given you a wall to build.  Whatever anyone else does, He has given you a wall.  BUILD YOUR WALL!! If each person builds his part, it will overcome whatever apathy or disobedience tends to crop up. 

 Revealing the Reputation of God

            There were enemies of God’s people waiting and watching.  These people, later in Nehemiah would laugh and scoff at the work of God’s people.  What better way to orchestrate God’s glory and God’s work to this world system than to simply have all of God’s people each building his wall? 

            When God’s people each build their part, great work is done. When that great work is done to the glory of God, then it reveals the mighty reputation of our God to the world!


     Fulfilling God’s great calling to His people involves each person fulfilling God’s individual calling in their lives. God does not so much look for a handful to do massive things, as much as He generally calls many to each fulfill their part.

            Your part may be stepping forward to give your life to Christ. Your part may be getting connected as a member to a local church. Your part may be stepping up to serve in a way that you have not considered before. Whatever is your part, “Build Your Part!”