REBUILD Sermon Series and Book on Nehemiah

REBUILD Sermon Series and Book on Nehemiah

Sunday, August 09, 2020, 12:00 AM

Pastor Johnny has a love for books and a gift for writing.  He has been inspired to write a Sermon Series and Study Guide Book on Nehemiah.  

God uses ALL manner of people in ALL manner of ways and He is not limited by the skills and talents we possess.  In Nehemiah we see how the significance of just one person, that is found favorable in God's sight,  can impact a community and nation.  God has placed us in this day and time for a purpose.  Be encouraged to let Him use our work of "Re-Building" for His glory, our growth and ultimately our joy.  Purchase books through your Connect Group or in the Sanctuary Foyer.  You can also purchase at

Book Signing on August 9th!

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