Next Steps

Matt Law - Missions & Ministry Development Pastor


The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body, so it is with Christ ...1 Corinthians 12:12   


Next Steps

Welcome to Next Steps! Here you'll find a place to connect with real people and real families.  It is our desire to create disciple making communities. We do this through reaching people, teaching them to love and serve Jesus, and sending them to reach, teach, and send others.

All Christians and new church members regardless of age ask the same questions: How can I REALLY get closer to God? How can I ACTUALLY live more and more like Jesus? How can I grow STRONGER in my faith? WHAT does God want from me? WHERE should I start in my church? If questions like these sound familiar, you're not alone. Next Steps is designed just for you! This class is GABC's class designed to address and answer these, and many other questions today's Christians face.

During this class, you will learn basic and  MEANINGFUL information that will help you understand YOUR responsibility to your church family for God's blessings and that REAL Christian relationships don't just exist on Sunday's, but carry you through the rough times and help you grow spiritually into a mature Christian everyday as well.

Come join us ... roll up your sleeves, and dig deep into what God wants and expects in your life as a follower of Jesus and we'll help you plug into your family of faith to make your growing process an exciting one.  We can't WAIT to help you through your NEXT STEPS!


I Want to Serve

Want to serve or plug in? We have a multitude of volunteer and ministry opportunities and are open to new roles. If you have a passion, skill set, or specific vision that you would like to pursue for one of these opportunities - feel free to let us know!

Ministry Opportunities