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9/11/20 | tribe

    I am excited to announce we have finally set a date for students to come back to church for service on Wednesday September 16th. It has been long awaited, at least on my part, to be able to get back to some normalcy within the student ministry. Through this odd time of life, I have learned a lot about the ways in which I do ministry—both good and bad things! One of the first things I realized is I want to connect more with YOU, the parents. This email is my first attempt to help share more of the ins and outs of the ministry! I believe my role as the Student Pastor at Golden Acres is to come along side with you, the parents, to lead, guide, direct, and cultivate a lasting relationship with Jesus for your student. The honest truth is this CANNOT be done one hour a week on Wednesday nights. While I believe that hour is vitally important in your student’s walk with Jesus, one hour a week is not enough! 

    That is where you come into play—you already spend a great deal of time and effort investing in your child to be the best they can be, academically, physically, mentally, etc. I want to help you lead and invest in your student spiritually, to the best of our ability. I believe the first way will be to get you more information about the material that is being presented to your students so that you can help them dive deeper at home! However, in order for this to take place, if we are going to be a true tribe, I need your help to encourage your student to participate! Participate in activities, events, trips, and most importantly Wednesday Night Service. We are only as strong as those who show up and participate. It takes the students, parents, and ministry leaders to be all in for us to be effective in ministry, to grow in our walk with the Lord, and to CONNECT with one another. At the beginning of the month I will send out an overview of what we will be talking about for that month. This will give you the opportunity to ask your student questions about the topics we will be going over and dive deeper in God’s Word together as a family! This will undoubtably create a stronger bond for you as a family unit as well as deepen you and your students’ relationship with Christ! I am so excited for the days ahead of tribe student ministries! 

    This is our year to RISE…

    Below are a few FAQ’s I thought I would go ahead and answer for you all in one place! If you have any other questions not listed here please feel free to contact me.

    How will we communicate?

    • My goal is to continue using GroupMe for the students but have a separate space to be able to communicate with YOU, the parents. We will use the BAND app to do this.

    You can click the link below to join in on the conversation! 

    Hey, join our 'tribe Parents GABC' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

    Join "tribe Parents" Now

    What small group will my child be in?

    • The short answer is with other students in their age group.
      • I say short answer because we switch up small groups from time to time and it all depends on the students that are present. They will always be with students close to their age but not always the same people.
      • I also like to switch up their leaders so they don’t have the same people all the time and so they can get to know all of the leaders.

    *One thing I have learned in ministry is humans tend to stick to their own. My goal is to help students get out of that habit and help break down the barriers that divide us. Sometimes that means your student will get put into a group without their friends. This is not to punish them but for them to make new friends and get to know other students in the group.

    Where do I find information about tribe?

    • Instagram @gabcstudents
    • GABC website under the Students tab
    • GroupMe (students)
    • BAND APP (parents)
    • Email:

    What are your safety procedures when youth service starts back?

    • We are social distancing, (sitting every other seat).
    • We are encouraging students to wear masks but it is not required.
    • We are sanitizing the room after students leave.

    Are there any options for my child if we are not ready to come back in person?

    • Yes, we have a YouTube channel, gabcstudents, that I post videos each week.
    • As of August 19, 2020, we will be live on YouTube each week during service.

    o (Actual small groups will not be recorded)

    • You can view the live feed from the link in: GroupMe, the Band App, Link Tree, link in the bio on Instagram, YouTube channel gabcstudents, or the students tab on the church website www.gabcpc.com.

    Is there somewhere for me to go while my student is at youth group?

    • Currently there is nothing for adults ON campus at GABC, although you may certainly stay in the parking lot and watch The Well service live feed on Facebook Live. 

    Will there be off campus events for the students this fall?

    • I sure hope so…
    • Right now, so many things are still up in the air, we do NOT have anything off campus planned but that certainly can and hopefully will change!

    You can visit all links for GABC students here: Link Tree

                 Who are our leaders?

     Joah Wilson—My Beautiful Wife!!!

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